Tuesday, April 15, 2008

On the Road Again

Friends and Family will know that I've had a bit of downtime on my hands lately. In February I left my role as President & COO of LeisureLogix, LLC. I'm in the midst of the job search which always takes more time than expected.

It occurred to me that my friend Stephanie is sitting a few thousand miles away in Paris, also between jobs. So, I called Stephanie and suggested that if she's unemployed on that side of the Atlantic and I'm unemployed on this side of the Atlantic, then why aren't we both unemployed on the same side of the Atlantic -- preferably the European side. (I should point out that she's not actually unemployed, but technically between jobs as she moves from Paris back to Minneapolis.)

So, on Thursday I'm packing up the camera gear and my carry-on and headed to Paris for a long weekend. Our goal: how to do Paris on an unemployed budget. Stay tuned for photos and tales.

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